Security+ (SY0-601) Study Guide Errata Page

We work hard to ensure that the books come out without any errors, but some always sneak in.

This page is dedicated to sharing errors identified in the CompTIA Security+ Get Certified Get Ahead: SY0-601 Study Guide. If you know of any errors in the book, please let me know.

The following errors have been corrected in the Kindle edition.

 Pg 10In the Preventive Controls sectionThe second sentence lists preventive controls twice, but the second instance should be preventative.

It should read as:
You may see preventive controls referred to as preventative controls, but both terms mean the same thing.
Pg 65In the Comparing Authentication Services Exam Topic Review section, replace authentication with authorization in the OAuth bullet

It should be:
OAuth is an open standard used for authorization.
Pg 77In the Email and Web Use Cases section, HTTPS bullet, the sentence on the usage of HTTP and HTTPS is reversed.

It should be:
The majority of Internet websites now use HTTPS instead of HTTP.
Pg 92In the Network Address Translation Gateway section, the second sentence in the paragraph after the bullets has IPsec and L2TP reversed.

The paragraph starts with:
One of the drawbacks to NAT is that it is not compatible with IPsec.

The next sentence should be:
You can use L2TP to create VPN tunnels and use it with IPsec to encrypt VPN traffic.
Pg 258In the Summarizing Secure Coding Concepts section, in the Continuous integration bullet, the first sentence should be:

Continuous integration occurs after continuous validation.
Pg 282In the Documenting the Assessment section, the first sentence of the second paragraph should be:

Management uses this to decide which controls to implement and which risks to accept by not implementing controls.
Pg 300In the Key Frameworks section. The paragraph starting with “The International Organization for Standardization…”

The third sentence should read as:
However, these documents are not available for free but must be purchased.
Pg 327In the Backup Media section and the Storage area network bullet.

The sentence beginning with “A primary difference…” should read as:

A primary difference between a NAS and a SAN is that a SAN requires dedicated hardware.
Pg 436In question 6 of the Post-assessment, Answer C should be:

C. chmod 750 gcga.exe
 Pg 485In the explanation for question 6 of the Post assessment, change 760 to 750.

It should read as:
The chmod 750 gcga.exe command should be used…. The 5 (in 750) gives read and execute permissions to the owner group.
 Pg 486In the explanation for question 13 in the Post Assessment, change incorrect to correct.

It should be:
A is correct. Account audits verify users have the permissions they need for their job, and no more, which verifies the principle of least privilege is being followed.