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Systems Security Certified Practitioner All-in-One Exam Guide Errata Page

We work hard to ensure that the books come out without any errors, but some always sneak in.

This page is dedicated to sharing errors identified in the SSCP Systems Security Certified Practitioner All-in-One Exam Guide. If you know of any errors in the book, please let me know.

Protocol ID Error related to IPsec AH and ESP.In several places within the book, I swapped the protocol IDs for IPsec AH and IPsec ESP. Here’s what it should have been

  • IPsec AH uses protocol ID 51
  • IPsec ESP uses protocol ID 50

It is correct as written on
the following pages:

  • On page 77, in the Internet Protocol Security section.
  • On page 99, in the explanation for Chapter 3 practice test question 6.
  • On page 123, in the explanation for Chapter 4 practice test question 3.

It is incorrect in the following three locations:

Location Correction
Page 105 In the Some protocols section, the protocol ID for for AH and ESP is swapped. It should read as:”The protocol ID for ICMP is 1, IGMP is 2, TCP is 6, UDP is 17, IPsec ESP is 50,
and IPsec AH is 51.”
Practice Exam A Item 53 Answer D should be:D. Rootkits are easy to detect by antivirus softwareThis answer represents the only statement that is NOT true because rootkits are difficult to detect by antivirus software.
Practice Exam A Item 76 The correct answer is C Protocol ID 50.The protocol ID for IPsec ESP is 50 and a packet filtering firewall can filter traffic based on the protocol ID.
Practice Exam B Item 74 The last sentence in the explanation should read:”While not included in this question, the protocol ID for IGMP is 2, UDP is 17, IPsec AH is 51, and IPsec ESP is 50.”
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Port Error.I misstated the port numbers used by DHCP in a couple of places. Here’s what it should have been everywhere.DHCP uses ports 67 and 68
Page 74 In the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol paragraph, the last sentence should read:”DHCP uses ports 67 and 68.”DHCP does not use port 66.
Page 80 In Table 3-1: The two ports for DHCP should be 67 and 68.They are incorrectly listed as 66 and 67 in the table.
Location Correction
Pg 42 The Rules listed in Table 2-2 are swapped for Biba. They should be:No read down, no write upThe explanation and exam tip in the Biba section on page 43 are correct.For the SSCP exam, the most important thing to remember here is that Biba is used for integrity (and Bell-LaPadula is used for confidentiality).
Pg 42 In Table 2-2, the goal for Chinese Wall should be listed as Conflict of interest, not Confidentiality.The Chinese Wall indirectly provides a level of confidentiality but more
directly it helps prevent conflict of interest and separation of duties. The section covering Chinese Wall accurately describes it.
Pg 59 Answer 19. The answer is correct. However, the second sentence of the explanation should state:”The account should not be deleted until it’s determined that the account is not needed.”
Pg 270 Table 9-4. In the Wednesday morning column, the text should read as:”Incremental Backs up changes since incremental on Tuesday.”
Pg 310 In the second paragraph under Deduplication. The sentence “Imagine if 100 employees have shares on the same server, and each employee has a copy of a 50 MB company policy document” should be “Imagine if 100 employees have shares on the same server, and each employee has a copy of a 5 MB company policy document.”
Pg 395 The last two sentences in the last paragraph should read as:When the user clicks Send, Microsoft Outlook attempts to retrieve the certificate of the recipient based on the e-mail address. In other situations, users may be required to install the recipient’s certificate on their system manually.The descriptive steps on page 396 for encryption and  on page 397 for decryption are accurate.
Page 403 In the second sentence of “Understanding the Certificate Trust Chain” section, it should indicate Figure 14-13, not Figure 14-11.
Page 415 Glossary. In the Access Controls definition, MAC is incorrectly spelled out as Media Access Control. It should be Mandatory Access Control. It is correctly spelled out and explained in other areas of the book.[MAC in the context of Access Controls has nothing to do with the Media Access Control (MAC) address assigned to network interface cards. ]

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